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Therapeutic Property Symptoms / Aliments
Analgesicpain relief
Anti-anxietyreduces anxiety, nervousness and stress
Anti-arthriticsoothes joints, aids arthritis
Anti-asthmaticreduces asthma symptoms
Anti-bacterialdestroys or inhibits the growth of destructive bacteria
Anti-convulsanthelps relieve seizures
Anti-depressanthelps alleviate minor depression and apathy…lifts mood
Anti-emeticalleviates nausea or vomiting
Anti-fungalinhibits fungus
Anti-histaminerelieves hay fever
Anti-infectiousprevents spread of infection
Anti-inflammatoryalleviates and reduces inflammation
Anti-microbialinhibits the growth of bacteria or fungi
Anti-oxidantprotective to cellular damage
Anti-parasiticdestructive to parasites
Anti-rheumaticrelieves aches and pains associated with rheumatism
Anti-septicdestroys micro-organisms on living tissue
Anti-spasmodicrelieves spasms and cramps
Anti-tussiverelieves coughing
Anti-viralprevents or destroys the growth of viruses
Aphrodisiacincreases sexual desire
Astringentshrinks tissue and reduces fluid loss
Carminativerelieves intestinal gas and bloating
Cephalicrelating to the head, clearing the mind
Cicatrisantwound healing
Circulatory stimulantincreases blood flow
CNS depressantslows down brain activity
CNS sedative(Central Nervous System) calming
CNS tonic(Central Nervous System) balancing
Coolingreducing heat
Decongestantreduces nasal mucous production and swelling
Deodorantreduces odour
Depurativecleanses and purifies the blood and intestinal organs
Digestive stimulantincreases ability to digest food
Digestive tonicbalances the digestive system
Disinfectantdestroys micro-organisms on objects
Diureticassists with kidney/bladder and urine production
Emmenagogicregulates and promotes menstruation
Energizingbringing forth more energy
Estrogenicsimilar to acting like estrogen
Expectoranthelps bring up mucus from chest and lungs, removing excess mucous
Febrifugereduces fever
Hormone balancerharmonizes the hormones
Hypotensivelowers blood pressure
Immune supportstrengthens the body’s defences to infection
Immuno-stimulantincreases the functioning of the immune system
Insect repellentkeeps bugs away
Liver supporterstrengthens the liver
Lymph decongestTBA
Lymphatic supporthelps the body detoxify
Mucolyticdissolves or breaks down mucus
Nervinestrengthens the nervous system
Rubefacientcausing redness to the skin
Sedativesoothing or reducing activity
Stimulantincreasing activity
Stomachicstimulates digestion
Strengtheningfortifying or building up
Tonifyingnourishing and replenishing
Uterine tonicStrengthens and restores vitality to uterus
Vein tonicenhancing blood circulation through the veins
Vermifugedestroys parasites
Warmingincreases sensation of heat
Wound healingwounds, cuts, skin abrasions,