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Buy Australian Essential Oils for Health & Well-being

Australian Essential Oils far outway the ones that most Australian’s buy in the supermarket. OH! that will do, for Health, cleaning and for the first aid cabinet. Education about what you actually need is a priority. Fact or Fiction?   TV now warns us of the ‘Superbug” resistant to drugs. MRSA. Some and only sum pure, unadulterated Essential Oils are not resistant. Just the words Tea Tree and Eucalyptus do not mean what you think they mean. Unless you see the BOTANICAL NAME. Other...
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Major Meditation Benefits

3 Major Meditation Benefits 1. You can handle whatever the day brings Meditation allows you to more easily ‘go with the flow’ traffic issues, unexpected delays – no problem. All good in your world today! 2. Turning on your thought filter Allows you to clear your mind and bring back clarity and focus – highly productive day! 3. Counteract stress Increased happiness, better sleep, increased energy levels, elevated mood, increased creativity and boosts your immune
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Structure of Essential Oils

Basic Structure v/s Synthetic What is the basic difference in the benefits of Essential Oils as opposed to medications. Natural versus what synthetics do not poses High Oxygen Content Small Molecular Size High Electromagnetic Frequency Divine Intelligence  
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Energetics & Chakras

The aura is the electromagnetic (energy) field around the body, and there are 7 energy centers or vortices in the body, that are called chakras. (more…)
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Understanding of Spirituality

Understanding of Spirituality and Learning Self-Awareness Spirituality is more than just a word. Spiritual & Spirituality should and needs to be one in the same So few people on your earth plane who claim to be spiritual, who claim to have spirituality in fact do not have any idea of what these words actually mean To learn to be spiritual means to learn to be aware of self. (Self-awareness, Self-actualisation) We are a 3-Part Whole.  We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live...
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4 Pillars of Health and Balance

4 Pillars of Health and Balance When the body’s energy system is out of balance, ailments occur and if left unresolved/not remedied  leads to sickness. illness or disease. Thus becoming The 5th Pillar of Health, we classify as Dis-harmony or Dis-ease.   It is important for us to understand our body’s energy system. Most are simply afraid of what they do not understand. This being the word chakra which put simply, is our body’s energy system.  It is just another system of our body,...
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