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Jean Valnet – Oils as Medicine

DR. JEAN VALNET – Essential Oils as Medicine

Jean ValnetDoctor Jean Valnet was born on July 26, 1920 in Châlons-sur-Marne and died in Vulaines-sur-Seine on May 29, 1995.

Jean Valnet, was an army physician and surgeon.
From 1948 he set about trying to prove the nature and uses of essential oils in scientific terms, especially their therapeutic properties and value in everyday medicine.

He studied at the École du Service de Santé Militaire et Faculté de Médecine in Lyon and graduated as a doctor of Psychiatry, Microbiology, Colonial Medicine and Surgery in 1945.

He had a distinguished military career, fighting with the resistance group Brutus in Lyon in 1942 and assisting the Chief of the surgical Services in 1944 – 45. He was Physician of the Military Special school of Saint-Cyr until 1948. He was chief physician to the Secretary of war from 1953 – 59. He was awarded the Légion d’Honneur and the Croix de Guerre (Six Citations) for his actions with the resistance during the 1939 – 45 war.

In 1959, Doctor Valnet left the army and became a civil physician in Paris, setting up his surgery on the Avenue Kléber. It was here that he practiced and refined his theory of a medicine of the total man founded on the therapeutic natural, synergies, active and bereft of harmful secondary effects.

Over the next fifty years he expounded his theories in various publications, books and medical journals, many being updated until 1992. Aromatherapy, treatment of the illnesses by the essences of plants (1st edition 1964 11th and last edition 1989) – Health by fruits, vegetables and cereals (1st edition 1967 – 9th and last edition 1985) – Doctor Nature (1st edition 1971 – 2nd and last edition 1980) – Herbal medicine, treatment of the illnesses by the plants (1st edition 1972 – 6th and last édition1992).

In 1961 he became a corresponding member of the “International Center of Biologic Research” in Geneva and produced many lectures and essays on the properties of essential oils.Besides his clinical observations, his wealth of publications and his teaching, Dr. Valnet became attached more especially to the study of the anti-infectious properties of the essential oils and to their types of action.

In 1973 together with Doctor Maurice GIRAULT of Dijon, Dr. Valnet created the term of antibio-aromatogramme to characterise a particular antibiogram (the result of a laboratory testing for the sensitivity of an isolated bacterial strain to different antibiotics), which instead of being treated with the classic antibiotics, was treated with aromatic gases.

He died on May 29, 1995, after a life entirely dedicated to medicine and his patients.

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