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Energetics & Chakras

The aura is the electromagnetic (energy) field around the body, and there are 7 energy centers or vortices in the body, that are called chakras. It is in the auric field and the chakras that our thoughts, feelings, and experiences are recorded.

The chakras spin and energy flows through them. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. At times this energy can become stuck or the chakra can pick up energy from an outside source. When a chakra is not balanced, it can affect that physical region of the body and also effect very specific aspects of our spiritual and emotional selves.

Essential oils too have their own individual frequencies and energetic properties and can be of great assistance in balancing the energetic body as well as the chakras.

Shopping by energetic and chakras category enables you to find essential oils that are a vibratory match to improve and enhance your energy.

What is your vibration today?


rootchakrasymbol1st Chakra – Root or Base Chakra

Sits at the base of your spine, at your tail bone.

Element – Earth

Physical imbalances in the root chakra include problems in the legs, feet, rectum, tail bone, immune system, male reproductive parts and prostate gland. Those with imbalances here are also likely to experience issues of degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders, and constipation.

Emotional imbalances include feelings affecting our basic survival needs: money, shelter and food; ability to provide for life’s necessities.

When this chakra is balance, you feel supported, a sense of connection and safety to the physical world, and grounded.

The lesson of this chakra is self-preservation; we have a right to be here.

Deals with our foundation, support, survival and living on the planet.

Aches and Pains,( please see Aches and Pains as related to our Energetic Chakra System)

Crystals are Bloodstone, Garnet, Red Agate, Red Aventurine, Red Jasper, Red Tiger’s Eye, Ruby

Earthy  balance the energies of our bodies to bring the chakra back into alignment: Australian Australian Balm Mint Bush , Fragonia™, Perfect Balance Buddha Wood and Sandalwood.


sakralchakrasymbol2nd Chakra -Sacral Chakra

Located two inches below your navel.

Element – Water

Physical imbalances include sexual and reproductive issues, urinary problems, kidney dysfunctions, hip, pelvic and low back pain.

Emotional imbalances include our commitment to relationships. Our ability to express our emotions. Our ability to have fun, play based on desires, creativity, pleasure, sexuality. Fears of impotence, betrayal, addictions.

When this chakra is balanced, we have an ability to take risks, we are creative, we are committed. We are passionate, sexual and outgoing.

The lesson of this chakra is to honour others.

Deals with relationships, sexual energy, immune system and our creation energy.

Aches and Pains,( please see Aches and Pains as related to our Energetic Chakra System)

Crystals are Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Calcite, Milky Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite

Essential Oils



solarplexuschakrasymbol3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra

Located three inches above your navel.

Element – Fire

Physical imbalances include digestive problems, liver dysfunction, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach ulcers, pancreas and gallbladder issues, colon diseases.

Emotional imbalances include issues of personal power and self-esteem, our inner critic comes out. Fears of rejection, criticism, physical appearances.

When this chakra is balanced, we feel self-respect and self-compassion. We feel in control, assertive, confident.

The lesson of this chakra is self-acceptance.

Deals with owning our own power, dream-time, distribution of energy throughout the body.

Aches and Pains,( please see Aches and Pains as related to our Energetic Chakra System)

Crystals are Amber, Citrine, Golden Topaz, Sunstone, Yellow Calcite

Essential Oils


heartchakrasymbol4th or Heart Chakra

Located at the heart.

Element – Air

Physical imbalances include asthma, heart disease, lung disease, issues with breasts, lymphatic systems, upper back and shoulder problems, arm and wrist pain.

Emotional imbalances include issues of the heart; over-loving to the point of suffocation, jealousy, abandonment, anger, bitterness. Fear of loneliness.

When this chakra is balanced we feel joy, gratitude, love and compassion, forgiveness flows freely, trust is gained.

Deals with unconditional love for self and whatever the divine is to each of us. This is where we hold our Divine identity

The lesson of this chakra is I Love.

Aches and Pains,( please see Aches and Pains as related to our Energetic Chakra System)

Crystals are Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Green Aventurine, Green Calcite, Green Flourite,
Kunzite, Malachite. Morganite, Moss Agate, Peridot. Pink Calcite (Mangano), Pink Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite,
Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline

Essential Oils


throatchakrasymbol5th or Throat Chakra

Located at the throat.

Element – Ether/Sound

Physical imbalances include thyroid issues, sore throats, laryngitis, TMJ, ear infections, ulcers, any facial problems (chin, cheek, lips, tongue problems) neck and shoulder pain.

Emotional imbalances include issues of self-expression through communication, both spoken or written. Fear of no power or choice. No willpower or being out of control.

When this chakra is balanced, we have free flowing of words, expression, communication. We are honest and truthful yet firm. We are good listeners.

Deals with speaking our truth with integrity as well as our will and creative self-express

The lesson of this chakra is to speak up and let your voice be heard.

Aches and Pains,( please see Aches and Pains as related to our Energetic Chakra System)

Crystals are Angelite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Celestite, Blue Calcite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Quartz,
Blue Sapphire, Chrysocolla, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Larimar, Turquoise,

Essential Oils


thirdeyechakrasymbol6th Chakra or Third Eye Chakra

Located in the middle of the eyebrows, in the centre of the forehead.

Element – Light

Physical imbalances include headaches, blurred vision, sinus issues, eye strain, seizures, hearing loss, hormone function.

Emotional imbalances include issues with moodiness, volatility, and self-reflection; An inability to look at one’s own fears, and to learn from others. Day-dream often and live in a world with exaggerated imagination.

When this chakra is balanced we feel clear, focused, and can determine between truth and illusion. We are open to receiving wisdom and insight.

Deals with our spiritual gift of vision as well as our perspective of how we see ourselves and see others and the world.

The lesson of this chakra is to see the big picture.

Aches and Pains,( please see Aches and Pains as related to our Energetic Chakra System)

Crystals are Amethyst, Blue Quartz, Charoite, Kyanite, Lepidolite, Purple Flourite, Sodalite, Sugilite,

Essential Oils


crownchakrasymbol7th Chakra or Crown Chakra

Located at the top of the head.

Element – Light

Physical imbalance include depression, inability to learn, sensitivity to light, sound, environment.

Emotional imbalances include issues with self-knowledge and greater power. Imbalances arise from rigid thoughts on religion and spirituality, constant confusion, carry prejudices, “analysis paralysis.” Fear of alienation.

When this chakra is balanced, we live in the present moment. We have an unshakeable trust in our inner guidance.

Deals with our gift of knowing-ness or intuition as well as religious, societal, and familial programming…cosmic consciousness.

The lesson of this chakra is live mindfully.

Aches and Pains,( please see Aches and Pains as related to our Energetic Chakra System)

Crystals are Amethyst, Blue Quartz, Charoite, Kyanite, Lepidolite, Purple Flourite, Sodalite, Sugilite,

Essential Oils

After reading this, you (like me) may feel that more than one chakra is imbalanced or blocked. This is because when one is blocked, the other chakras begin to compensate and either become over active or under-active.

The best way to start balancing them is to start at the root chakra and work your way up.

Balancing Any essential oil that helps one feel more centered and emotionally in touch with ourselves.
Fragonia, Perfect Balance, Australian Blue Cypress, Basil, Clary Sage, Honey Myrtle, Lavandin, Lemon Ironbark, Nerolina, Rosalina,
Experiment with others to see how you feel with different aromas.
Clarity        An essential oil that assists us to see things more clearly.
Fragonia, Perfect Balance, Australian Blue Cypress, Anise Myrtle, Blue Gum, Clary Sage, Lemon Myrtle,                                Peppermint Gum,
 In Progress
Energizing An essential oil that helps bring more vitality and feeling of having increased energy.
                        Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Expansive An essential oil that helps us to not feel so enclosed, but allows more space for us to be.
Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Grounding An essential oil that assists us to feel connected to the Earth… rooted solidly in our bodies.
                       Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Introspective Any essential oil that brings us inward, more meditative and looking within rather than looking at                                             everything on the “outside”
Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Meditative An essential oil that helps assist in meditation, or going within. These oils also help connect us to our                                      Source.
Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Protective Any essential oil that helps us to feel nurtured and safe especially when we feel we are needing support.
                       Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Purifying  An essential oil for help in cleansing the auric field and the etheric body of energies/emotions that do not                               serve us.
Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Source Energy Any essential oil that helps connect us to a higher vibration.
Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Transformative An essential oil that can assist us in growth and change especially when we feel we are moving from                             one stage of our life to the next.
Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Unconditional love An essential oil that helps us be connected to our Divine self that allows us to truly know and                                accept who we truly are
Fragonia, Perfect Balance
Uplifting Any essential oil that can help bring us from a lower vibration to a higher vibration, moving us up the                                      emotional scale, so to speak.
Fragonia, Perfect Balance, Lemon Myrtle,

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