Aromatherapy Cool Mist Diffuser


The safest and most effective way to use essential oils & fragrance your world naturally.

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With no naked flame, heating elements or chemicals with automatic shutdown, this compact design is the ideal companion for use around the young, elderly and/or pets. Cool mist diffusers and humidifiers also prevent dryness.
Utilising the instantaneous benefits of ultrasonic vibrations it works silently in the background to break down the essential oil infused water into a microscopic mist that easily dissipates into the atmosphere, leaving your mind, body and soul at peace.

We find this Cool Mist Diffuser is excellent value for money by comparison


Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser/Humidifier
Aromatherapy Diffuser
Room Humidifier
Negative Air Ioniser
Auto Shutdown
Long Lasting 12 + hours
Constant & Intermittent Operation
7 Multicolour LED
Adjustable brightness Night-light
Uses Essential oils
Room coverage 15m2
Voltage is 24v
Power 12w
12 Month Warranty
BPA Free

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Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 21 cm


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